1. Continue Your Progress

When your symptoms are gone, you feel better. You may even be tempted to believe that your recovery is complete. However, research indicates that ligaments and discs, because they have a poor blood supply, heal very slowly. Muscles damaged by nervous system interference may have formed fibrotic scar tissue and lost their natural elasticity. There is no way to hurry the natural healing of these soft tissues.
Chiropractic wellness care monitors and encourages the progress of your healing. Continuing care combined with lifestyle modifications will assure you of a more lasting recovery.

2. Prevent A Relapse

Muscle and connective tissue damaged by improper spinal function often adapt to stress in unhealthy patterns. Even after the bones of your spine are restored to a more normal position and motion, these tissues still "remember" those unhealthy patterns. Without continuing chiropractic care, they are predisposed to slip back into those old patterns.

For a simple comparison, think about what happens when an orthodontist takes the braces off teeth. Even tough the teeth look great, they are not yet fully stabilized in their new positions. That's why a retainer is prescribed to maintain the alignment. Without it, teeth may again begin to shift.

Like teeth that have been straightened, your spine also needs additional time and care to achieve lasting results. Rehabilitative care strengthens and retrains your spine, supporting muscles and tissues, helping prevent relapse.

3. Prevent Future Problems

Many everyday activities can stress your spine. Even very slight, easily-forgotten trauma can cause improper lifting, environmental toxins, sports strain, or even sitting too long can turn into spinal problems that grow over time. And in turn, this can cause the brain and nervous system to miscommunicate with other parts of the body, damaging your good health.

Regular chiropractic checkups and maintenance care manages small problems before they develop into big ones.

4. Save Money

Numerous studies by government and private agencies indicate that chiropractic care is not only more effective than conventional medical management for most back-related health problems, it is also less costly. While some patients seek chiropractic care only when pain is unbearable, this"crisis" approach often costs more in the long run - in time, stress, and dollars.

Most people are wise enough to know, it costs less to stay well than to get well. Like regularly changing the oil in your car can save your engine, or brushing and flossing can save you from major dental work, regular chiropractic checkups help you avoid preventable health problems and costs. The investment you make in your own good health makes sense.

5. Feel Good

When you are at your best physically, other things seem to go better, too. Your job, your relationships, and especially your enjoyment of life. That's why the chiropractic lifestyle encourages regular checkups to maintain optimum health. Chiropractic patients often report higher energy levels and better concentration than they've ever experienced before.

Based on his or her clinical experience, your chiropractor can recommend a preventive care schedule that will help keep you at your best.

6. Your Own Health Resource

Think of your doctor as a partner and a resource in building good health. The more you understand about the role of your spine and nervous system in your health, the better your decisions are about your own care. So ask the questions. Take an active role in learning more about your recovery and wellness.

Your chiropractor will be glad to take the time to thoroughly explain all recommendations and procedures. In addition to chiropractic checkups and maintenance, your doctor is available to talk with you about lifestyle and behavior modifications that can help you achieve better health.


Chiropractic care is not only remarkably effective, it is remarkably safe. We all know that prescription drug and medical mishaps are all too common in the news. However, chiropractic patients seldom report an unfavorable result from treatment.
The chiropractic approach to better health is to find and correct interferences to your body's natural state of good health, not just to treat symptoms.

This conservative, natural approach avoids the dangers associated with invasive procedures such as surgery, and addictive drugs. Isn't good health for you and your family your most valuable possession?